Clean Air Systems

Carbon Scrubbers

Carbon adsorption technology consists of moving contaminated air through a packed bed of activated carbon that adsorbs contaminants and discharges clean air. Effective and simple in principal of operation, carbon scrubbers are the mainstay of commercial and municipal odor/VOC mitigation.  Afras Air designs and manufactures carbon adsorption systems to custom fit the needs and specific requirements of each application.


BTF Media Systems

Biotrickling Filtration

Biotrickling filtration (BTF) is widely used for the efficient control of noxious H2S produced in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment processes. BTF systems operate by moving odor laden air (typically H2S) through a bacterial biofilm immobilized on any one of several varieties of  media. Sulfer oxidizing bacteria in the biofilm oxidize H2S to sulfate which is subsequently washed from the system.  Afras Air designs,optimizes and manufactures BTF systems to meet the unique demands of industrial and municipal treatment processes.